July 11th, 2008

The Education Bulletin - An Online Education Magazine

The Education Bulletin is an online education Magazine, distributed free of charge to anybody connected or involved in education.It is a non-profit organisation but is sponsored by various businesses. It is designed to provide parents and students with a forum to vent their stories, experiences and concerns with others. Further, the magazine (which is available to those who register) will include specialist guidance, drawn up by lawyers and educational psychologists as well as teachers, so that those caught in the maze of difficulty within the educational system are provided with a clearer route. If you have a story or a question for our legal panel, or even a query that you might want to raise with one of our associated educational psychologists, then please use the form provided. The editorial team cannot guarantee however that each question can be answered within the magazine, but we will do our best to answer queries, via articles that will appear in our online editions.

Visit us at: http://www.educationbulletin.co.uk